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Alterations & Additions - Coogee

The Owner’s Corporation of this 8 storey walk up  1940's apartment building in Coogee were seeking project management of an extensive alterations and addition project.  SPMA worked with the OC to guide them through the initial tendering stage, throughout the works and into the defect warranty period.


SPMA played a crucial role in the provision of guidance to the OC in managing owners and residents as works were conducted whilst holding full residential occupancy.  The extensive works provided not only a BCA and functional upgrade, but provided additional living space and aesthetic enhancement of the building to Owners.  The sale of the newly created retail space offset the cost of the upgrade works.

The works included:

  • Creation of new retail space

  • Replacement of all windows and external doorsets

  • Destruction and re-creation of expanded balconies to all pre-existing apartments

  • New cavity ties and lintels

  • Fire upgrades 

  • Reconfiguration of car park

  • Aesthetic upgrades to common areas

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