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Cladding Replacement

An end to end solution for cladding replacement
It’s of great concern to authorities, insurers, owners and occupants that a vast number of buildings in Australia and throughout the world have been identified as having flammable external cladding that compromises fire safety and requires urgent rectification.
At SPMA, we’re able to identity and rectify defective facades and combustible cladding. This includes assessing the true extent of the works, safe access and methodology, ensuring the protection and safety of occupants and minimising inconvenience.
Our combined 50 years of building and construction experience means we’re able to provide and end to end solution for your property. This includes assistance with fire safety audits, plus the sourcing and replacement of non-compliant cladding with alternative systems like solid aluminium panels, aluminium core composite panels and compressed fibre cement panels, rendering and painting. 

If you require assistance with cladding replacement of have recently been issued a Fire Order, get in touch with us via the button below or give us a call on 02 9319 6366.

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