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Inspections & Reporting

Identify problems and defects before it's too late.

To meet the needs of our clients, we divide our inspection and reporting services into different categories These include Building Condition Reports (BCR), Home Warranty Inspections (HWI), Defect Liability Inspections (DLI) and Litigation Compliant Defect Reports (LCDR). Our templates and protocols are the product of decades of combined experience and allow us to use our structural and building expertise to identify unique problems efficiently and product quality reports for our clients.

Building Condition Reports are the first step in any full building report. At SPMA, we’ll can inspect the whole building or an agreed upon percentage and provide the client with an accurate guide to potential and possible problems. BCRs are appropriate for dilapidated buildings and those with systemic issues, buildings with fire orders and those considering major works.

For those clients whose Home Warranty Insurance Policy is approaching expiration, we strongly recommend a Home Warranty Inspection to assess any defects that may be claimable. We recommend engaging SPMA at least 3 months prior to expiration.

SPMA can also assist with Defect Liability Inspections which are ideal for clients whose defect liability period is about to expire. We include with all DLIs a brief letter to the contractor requesting rectification.

For clients considering a full building inspection rather than just individual elements, please contact us to discuss your objectives. Like all SPMA projects, the initial meeting is at no cost to the client.


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