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Strata Inspector Panel

Strata Inspections as part of the Strata Building Bonds

& Inspectors Scheme

SPMA have 3 accredited staff members belonging to the MBA NSW Strata Inspector Panel.  Newly completed residential or partially residential strata properties that do not have HBCF Insurance are required by the Strata Building Bonds and Inspectors Scheme to appoint an inspector within 12 months of completion of building works.  The inspector is required to carry out interim and final inspections at 15-18 months and 21-24 months subsequent to the issuing of an Occupation Certificate.  

The legislation (Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 NSW) that introduced the Strata Building Bond and Inspections Scheme requires the building inspector to inspect all lots and common property within the building. SPMA has extensive experience in defect inspection and rectification.  Our inspectors have extensive knowledge in general building defects and waterproofing.  Our senior inspectors also have expertise in facades. Inspections are carried out with our building inspectors and nominated experts in specialty fields such as:

•    Structural engineers
•    Services consultants – electrical, mechanical, hydraulic
•    Fire safety systems consultants – active/passive fire
•    Building surveyors – accessibility, egress
•    Acoustic consultants.

In order to commence the process, once we receive your request, we require you to respond to a questionnaire to provide information about the building to allow us to provide a Fee Proposal and to allocate our resources.  This allows us to determine if we require nominated experts to complete the inspection. We can then provide a fixed fee for the first inspection. The second inspection requires the building inspector to determine if defects have been rectified.  Where defects are not rectified the building inspector is required to provide a scope of rectification.  Please note that in some instances preparation of this scope may entail destructive investigation (opening up works), as well as access equipment. Any scoping component is excluded from our fixed fee proposal.

SPMA has extensive experience in defect inspection and rectification.  See our inspectors below.

Peter Blair

The founder of SPMA, Peter as our Senior Project Director has extensive experience in remedial project management for multi-residential buildings including defect investigation and reporting with a high-level working knowledge of the Building Code of Australia and construction based legislation.  Peter has more than 30 years industry experience and specialises in dispute resolution with respect to building defects and liaising with other building experts outside his area of expertise.

Richard Stapleton

Since 2009, Richard has been with SPMA and as a Project Director is responsible for managing some of our more complex multi-residential projects.  He has extensive experience in defect investigation and reporting and remedial works projects in multi-residential alterations and additions.  He has a high-level working knowledge of the Building Code of Australia and construction based legislation. 

Alek Salameh

With a civil engineering and legal background, Alek has management experience on residential defect investigation and reporting, remedial works projects and multi residential alterations and additions.  With additional specialised experience in waterproofing, Alek is well placed to perform and report on your strata inspections.


Please download or fill in the online request form for a quotation on SPMA Strata Inspector services.

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