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Fire Orders

Assistance with fire orders and fire upgrade solutions

In NSW, councils have the authority to issue orders to owners and occupiers of property requiring certain actions be taken. The most common of these are 'Fire Orders' or 'Structural Orders' that require repairs and upgrades of the existing building(s). 

SPMA is able assist with Fire Orders from the moment a client has received a Notice of Intention to give an order from council. The early stage is the most important as it ensures the Order you do receive is correct for your building and does not place undue and unintended requirements on your building. From this point, we can assist with fire safety upgrades and performance solutions in order to comply with the latest regulations and standards.

SPMA has assisted many clients through the negotiation process with councils to achieve the correct orders and the management of the works in a timely and cost effective manner. If you have receive a notice or order and need assistance, contact us today.


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