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Remedial -
Point Piper

Winner of the MBA 2012 Excellence in Housing Awards Home Unit Renovation $5 Million & Over

This award winning project on the very tip of prestigious Point Piper provides the perfect example for highlighting the potential in enhancing your asset.

Previously an ordinary 3 storey walk up with limited car parking, this amazing project has resulted in additional parking for all residents, balcony improvements to enjoy the incredible Sydney Harbour views, the installation of a lift and arguably the best located swimming pool in the country.

A substantial portion of these works were funded by the creation and sale of a new apartment located in the place of the original ground level car park.  This was made possible by creating an underground car park incorporating additional storage and room for essential services.  This actually resulted in the car park being located below sea level.  During the construction of this project, the entire brick framed building was successfully underpinned and re-supported via a new concrete beam and column grid.

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